Split Level Decking
Project Details: This decking has reached the end of its lifespan. The decking forms a barrier between the house and garden, so we're looking to redesign the area to flow between the two, creating a space thats a joy to enjoy the garden from.
Stage one. Few designs and some communication, until a final concept has been decided on.
Time to get started, removed all the old decking. The frame was only held together by the rotten boards on top, so the frame collapsed as they were removed.
Old decking completely removed and area all tidied. Installing basic framework for the new deck shape.
Getting frame outline in place and installing joists. Maximum distance between joists 400mm.Postfixing Feet in at a depth of 1 foot at 1.8 meter spacings or closer where needed.
Framework in place, starting to attach boards.
Boards all fitted on the top deck, time to start working on the steps.
Building the framework for the lower deck. Checking joists are in place to catch full boards, as running perpendicular to the top deck. This helps accentuate the different levels.
Finishing off boarding lower deck and steps
Wiring and waterproofing lights.
Installing handrails, spindles and encasing sides.
Tidying up and all finished
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