Composite Decking Gray
Project Description: Add irregular shaped decking around Gym situated at top of a bank with steps down to lawn and step to path.
Getting frame outline in place and installing joists, The run across the decking is longer than a board can reach so made sure to have a joist at half and full length to catch boards with no wasteage. Maximum distance between joists 400mm
Postfixing Feet in at a depth of 1 foot at 1.8 meter spacings or closer where needed.
Install cross beams to add strength to joists
Few boards placed on top to show customer example of finished product.
All the important supports in place, so lets get some boards on. The run was to long for a single board to reach so placed in a stagger pattern.
Top boards all in place, starting on edging trim. Using the same board as on top but affixing with back edge showing to get a wood grain effect.
Installing steps and all finished.
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